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Who actually are we? We’re the coolest music gift company in the business, that’s who! We love music, so we teamed up to achieve something spectacular together. We create songs for you to give as an unforgettable gift. A gift idea for every occasion, whether you’re looking for a song for your loved one, a birthday present, something for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion. Choose one of our occasions and send your personal message with music to that special someone as the most personalized gift ever.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to give a voice and exposure to talented musicians who are not yet discovered or do not have contracts, record labels and managers behind them. Gift Of Love Music is their stage. Here they can create songs for you that transport feelings and preserve memories for an eternity. Every song you buy, puts money in the pockets of these talented artists and establishes the opportunity for their talent to reach millions of people around the world. Buy a song now and help support the musicians.


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Jasmin Kray
Creative Strategist
Lothar Brandes
CEO – Keyboards – Songwriting
Sergej Buglak
Bass – Guitar – Songwriting

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